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David Rolas, son of Mexican parents, worked his way into the upper echelons of Los

Angeles’ hip hop community. Hailing from South Central L.A., David Rolas is a Mexican American whose experience is similar to thousands of young Latinos with Mexican parents, who grow up absorbing several cultures. His skills behind the turntables made him one of the most important and sought after DJs in the L.A Club scene.

Known as Dave Jams, he displayed an ability to work the crowds and hip hop fans, regardless of their racial origin, he won over some hard to please crowds. Even appearing on the ever so famous International Spanish-Language TV show “Sabado Gigante” co-hosting with Don Francisco on more than 8 occasions.

Thanks to his experience as a DJ, David has met many key people inside the world of hip hop and has been a driving essence to various underground hip hop groups on the West Coast, like Brotherhood Movement, which had a single deal with Solar Records in the early nineties and a song called "Out of The Ashes" that was produced by world renowned producer Johnny "J“. On his third album titled “Mi Mundo” David Rolas set forth with one goal in mind, to showcase the cultural mosaic that lies within the West Coast Hip-Hop music scene by uniting some of the leading recording artists in the industry such as: Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas, Ozomatli, Akwid, and Malverde amongst others. On his fourth album, David Rolas dug deep into his DJ roots. He is now an independent artist.

David is also one of the Radio Personalities for the all new syndicated radio mix-show called “De Costa A Costa” which has syndication all over South America and on a few stations in the United States.