Steve Cisneros,  known as Dj Steve C  from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Born in San Francisco, California and raised in Reno, Nevada. Steve has started his music

career when he was only 15. Now he is 22 years old and exploding through the industry with so

much support from his friends and family. Steve has come a long ways. From being a bedroom

dj to becoming a resident dj and to a radio dj.

Steve started djing different genres trying to find the right sound. Electronic music took a hold of

Steve and he became a rave dj. Djing for underground raves and even to djing around the state

of Utah. Steve has traveled to Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada to show his talent. After some time

Steve found a new interest in djing for latin music. Geners from reggaeton, cumbia, bachata,

and so much more.

DjSteve is not only a dj, but also a producer and remixer. Steve is also a sound engineer. Steve

is currently a full time student learning and mastering the art of sound engineering. Steve will do

whatever it takes to become one of the most experienced and dedicated person in his field.

Steve is determined to be the best and he won’t stop anytime soon.

Dj Switch and his family took Steve under his wing to teach him everything he knows. Dj Switch

taught Steve fast and quick. Steve started doing mobile gigs, anything from house parties,

wedding, quinceaneras, baptisms and any other event. Dj Sugar took Steve into his dj group.

The Mix Master Djs. After a while Steve was taken in by Dj Mario at his residence club