Dj Fuego, New York City breed to Dominican-born parents. His passion for music began at the age of six when he received his first radio with headphones and started taking his father’s tapes and started recording music from the radio station.

He would soon find out that this was something that he wanted to do long-term when he did his first house party at the tender age of thirteen, with the crowd rocking to the latest songs his adrenaline went through the roof.  Dj Fuego has also been to known to be one of the most eclectic Dj’s on the scene, spinning everything from Omega el Fuerte to Jay-Z and also remixing mixing his own original joints.

Although the house party scene was fun and exciting he wanted more, he decided to venture out in the tough club scene. His first venue was at Fiesta D’Luxe Lounge in 1997, known to have one of the toughest crowds in the Bronx he walked in a nobody and walked out with the praise and respect of other local Dj’s who were at the club chillin. As of 2014 Dj Fuego represents one of the multitalented Dj’s & as West Coast Chapter Leader from LMP , known as one of the top Urban Dj crews World Wide. you can catch Dj Fuego on the 1’s & 2’s Promoting The best latin venues through Arizona .