René A. Vasquez Cordova, better known as DJ Wuazat was born in Ecuador. Influenced by his father a recognized Ecuadorian Artist, Dj Wuazat started collecting music from an early age. At age 14 he meets Joe Belart, a well known national DJ in Ecuador. Joe Belart saw his talent and introduced him to the DJ world.

With just 16 years of age, Dj Wuazat was already deejaying at private parties and several local clubs. At the age of 18 he finds his true passion for music and the turntables; its then when he emigrates to the United States. In 2007 he decides to sign up for the Scratch DJ Academy in Manhattan, NY; where he studied DJ and Music Production.

In 2009 he graduates as a professional DJ and it is then that through a colleague he gets to meet the Duo “Del Patio” Sensato and Zawezo and starts working as a backup DJ. After several shows, trials and the separation of Sensato and Zawezo as a Duo in late 2009, Dj Wuazat becomes Sentato’s Official DJ; accompanying him to major tours throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean sharing the stage with great artists such as Pitbull, Lmfao, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee and more.

In 2011 he was part of the Radio Station 98.5FM (La Fiesta De Long Island) Besides his great mixing skills and talent, what makes Dj Wuazat stand out in this industry is his multicultural background, positive energy and charisma! Dj Wuazat appeals to a wide audience that includes a variety of nationalities. He enjoys mixing different genres, but his roots as a mixer are related to tropical music. “I grew up listening to Boleros,

He enjoys mixing different genres, but his roots as a mixer are related to tropical music. “I grew up listening to Boleros, Salsa and Cumbia. One of the first clubs I started deejaying at was a Dominican club. There, I learned about the Dominican culture as well a their music: Bachata, Merengue, Merengue Tipico. He builed up many relationships with Dominicans and fell in love with their culture.” Today, his passion involves everything about Latin music. “Not only am I able to mix everything under that genre, but I also know what the American market has to offer.” Dj Wuazat is really well versed in all markets. Dj Wuazat equals to diversity!

Besides being Sensato del Patio Official DJ, Dj Wuazat’s talent and unique style of mixing has allowed him to be known at Clubs Nationally and Internationally wise: Bongos (Miami), Suite (Charlotte) House of Blues (New Orleans), The Boom (Houston Tx) Sensation, Lovera Bar (Santiago, DR) Don Coqui (New York) Ibiza Club (nashville, TN) Calibash 2012 (Los Angeles CA) Latin Grammys 2012 (Las Vegas) City Walk (Universal Studios CA).

In 2013 Dj Wuazat received his first nomination in Latin Mixx Awards in the Category of “Best Dj On the rise”. That same Year he was chosen to participate in the “Latin Mixx Turntable ShowCase Battle” By Renowned DJs and Artists of New York.

In 2015 DJ Wuazat started a new Radio project with DJ Vikingo Called it De Costa a Costa Show DCAC RADIO..

Currently, DJ Wuazat continues working for DCAC Radio and Sensato del Patio. He resides in New York City and continues to work hard for their talent, mixes and music to reach out to different parts of the world. His long term goal is to produce for well known artists and one day get to have their own radio show.