Cristian Ramirez Started his journey in the music business at an early age. He was given the opportunity to do mixes for a dance company to performed for the 2002 Winter Olympic in Utah which led to his passion for djing and becoming #DJVIKINGO.

Putting in work to accomplish his goal he learn to work the international crowed at local nightclubs around the United States with top artist. During the years Dj Vikingo Success got him a small spot on the Local FM Radio Stations On the Latin/Regional Mexican Markets and learn the radio business in 2005 he started working at a successful Local Night Club called Karamba as the Entertainer Director/ Disc Jockey for the first 10 years.

Winning The 2012 Latinmixx Best West Coast Djs of the year got him on a more international level touring North America, Mexico, Center America, South America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Over a decade has pass since he started his journey in the music and radio business and passionate about creating something different, fresh and unique in Early 2015 DCAC RADIO was Born with a full team of on/air talents, disc jockeys led him to Create Original content for Radio Station Around the world.