Milton Alcover Restituyo and Juan “Xtassy” Abreu (X) is an Award-winning Latin Grammy, Billboard and BMI, composing and super-producing duo from the Bronx, NY of Dominican descent.

This powerful team of producers internationally known as A&X – whose name has circulated alongside many of the Top Charting and Award Winning hits in the Latin Urban music industry is preparing to take their career to the next level.

It’s been an organic growth for them and they credit their success to the “respect for each other… and their drive, dedication and preparation.” They are responsible for developing the sounds and productions of internationally acclaimed super stars such as Carlos Vives, Don Omar, Romeo Santos, Henry Santos, Pitbull, Selena Quintanilla (2012 tribute album), Magic Juan, Fulanito, Fire, Natti Natasha, including major screen production soundtracks: Fast and Furious 5.

In 2013 A&X released the hit single Makina which became the #1 Dembo-Step single (Dembow and Dubstep mix) in the Latino market. Makina features some of 2 of their artists, Jhoni The Voice, King Chapa and international group, Los Teke Teke.

Proving that their talents expand to more than producing, they develop talent as well. Recently, Jhoni The Voice recently released his self-titled album “Jhoni The Voice” – and in less than 24 hours the album was ranking in the Top 10 on iTunes Latin Charts.

When asked what we can expect from the super-producer duo, Alcover mentioned “staying focused, creating, writing … producing, learning (something you do every day he says)” – all elements, he states that are “the foundation” of this dynamic duo’s ability to succeed and be prepared for industry challenges that arise.

This duo’s synergy is ever present, even in Xtassy’s response to the question, “We want to continue to provide great quality music and explore other markets.” In conclusion, we can understand that they have set their goals and raised their own bar, they have the drive and the more importantly the have the track record to prove that they know how to utilize their resources to truly expand to a higher level.