About Dj Martin Kache

You may know him as the “Traffic Mix Dj”,”The Talk of SAN DIEGO”, or even as “La Mezcla Perfecta”,but the truth is that the “Head Mexican In Charge, is a movement on his own. This MEXICO born ,but  SAN DIEGO raised DJ is proud to be MEXICAN.
KACHE, who is of MEXICAN decent, has brought nothing but promises and versatility since he set foot in the game. The definition of it, KACHE (A latin slang word that can be used in many ways meaning you are 110 percent & above),its only the beginning of who is “DJ MARTIN KACHE”.

A master mind behind the 1200s(turntables). MARTIN KACHE rocks the crowed with his crazy and diverse mixes. He spins at the hottest Latin night clubs in southern CALIFORNIA known as Rumba Lounge, Bachata City, Sevilla Night Club, Pura Nightclub and many more. His name interacts with a crowd of up to 700,000 listeners a week on Diego 99.3fm & PULSAR 107.3 fm.
As versatile as they come, Martin Kache, also works with other promotional, production and entertainment companies, as well as up an coming artist nation wide. His work with new artist has included, but not limited to production and promotion of the artist. A beat maker, producer and engineer himself, has only made MARTIN KACHE an interest to many up an coming artist nation wide.

MARTIN KACHE has evolved to become a Total Package in a short period of time. His dedication to his movement and his love of music, has led him to become a familiar name and face. More over he has continued to stay true and humble to his roots. He is the ultimate crowed mover, promoter, and entertainer. The present is bright, but the future looks brighter for the mexican kid 2015, MARTIN KACHE is a problem .

Lastly, MARTIN KACHE would like to thank all the people that have been part of his movement. God, for allowing him to live his dreams.to all, thank you for your constant support of the Martin Kache movement. STAY FOCUSED and GOD BLESS.